Discount Watch Store is proud to be an authorized retailer of Pulsar watches. Pulsar's watch collection is designed to put fine watch technology in a very cheap, affordable price range, without compromising style or build quality. Every piece is covered by a three-year warranty on the entire timepiece, including the crystal and band. This warranty exceeds that offered by most other brands, especially those that are similarly priced.
Pulsar began as a brand of the American giant Hamilton Watch Company. As the digital revolution swept the world with the introduction of the first microchips in 1970, the company announced that it would create the world's first all-electronic digital watch. In April of 1972, the company entered the record books. It was the first wristwatch on sale to use digital LED output, in the form of red 7-segment displays. It had an 18 carat gold case and a retail price of $2100, which would be the equivalent of about $12,000 do
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