Discount Watch Store is proud to be a retailer of S. Coifman watches. S. Coifman watches began as a watch company in 1906 in Chiasso, Switzerland founded by Simon Coifman. Simon Coifman quickly gained recognition because of his attention to detail and the precision of his timepieces. The brand’s watches became known as the ‘craftsman watch’ as his client base at the time consisted of metal workers, coppersmiths, stone masons, and other local artisans. Later on his career, Simon Coifman because of his admiration for Abraham Louis Breguet attempted to build a tourbillon. He succeeded and added his own personal style. News of this feat reached investors and he was commissioned to produce one. There were 5 made in all, and today they are worth $200,000 apiece. Today the S. Coifman brand is owned by the Invicta Watch Group, while maintaining its Chiasso headquarters in Switzerland.
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